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Ombre Vs. Balayage Hair Colour: Which One To Choose?

Sometimes it may feel that your hairstylist is speaking an alien language: Balayage, Ombré, Sombré, Foilyage - translation, please! And, if it seems tough to learn the difference between ombré, balayage and every hair colouring in-between - this blog is going to serve your needs. The collected information will help you figure out the best colour solution for you!

Ombré: The Striking Hair Colour

In French, ombré stands for “shade” or “shadow.” In the hair colour world, it’s a dramatic, two-toned hair colour effect that gives a darker shade on the top and lighter on the bottom. Ombré hair colouring techniques are versatile, customisable, and perfect for long and medium hair lengths.

One of the benefits of ombré hair colour is that it’s easily available at a reasonable price. Sombré is the subtler version of ombré. So, how to know that ombré is perfect for you?

If you want to make a statement with your hair, get creative and adventurous with ombré hair colour. However, you will have to ensure that your hair is healthy, otherwise, the colour will look dull and will fade quickly. When you visit our hair colour salon, we will improve the condition of your hair and then proceed with ombré hair colour!

Balayage: Spice Up Your Hair

In French, balayage means “sweeping.” In the world of fashion, balayage highlights, we will hand paint and sweep the colour along the surface of the hair. “Like ombré, balayage highlights are cost-effective because they don’t require frequent touch-ups since the hair at the top is kept darker.” - the words of a professional hairstylist.

It perfectly suits long hair and medium-length hair. As balayage is a hand-painting technique, our professionals have the option for many variations and beautiful colour compositions. We combine several shades for excellent dimensional results.

So, you might be asking, “Is balayage really for me?” Well, if you prefer sexy, natural-looking hair colour, balayage can be the ultimate choice for you.

In A Nutshell

Colouring your hair can be a confusing choice to make, but we are here to help you. Our stylists will always make you feel confident and your best!

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